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Title: Communication between hospitals and isolated aboriginal community health clinics.
Authors: Mackenzie, G
Currie, B J
Affiliation: Menzies School of Health Research, Royal Darwin Hospital, Northern Territory.
Issue Date: Apr-1999
Citation: Australian and New Zealand journal of public health 1999-04; 23(2): 204-6
Abstract: This study described the communication dynamics, identified problems and recommended changes to improve patient follow-up and communication between Royal Darwin Hospital (RDH) and isolated Aboriginal community health clinics (CHC) in the Northern Territory (NT). In 1995, staff interviews were conducted and an audit of isolated Aboriginal patients' RDH discharge summaries (DS). Eighteen per cent of RDH DSs never arrived in CHCs. DSs were often prepared late and more likely to be in CHC records if written on time and if the referral source was specified. Interviews revealed discontent between CHCs and RDH regarding: communication, DS documentation, the supply of discharge medication, as well as different hospital and community perceptions of Aboriginies' reliability to carry a DS and CHC desire for patients to be given DSs at discharge. Aboriginal patients should be given a DS at discharge and resident medical officers should be educated as to the function and importance of the DS. In 18 months following this study, RDH appointed unit-based Aboriginal health workers and a policy was produced for written communication between hospital and CHCs, as well as a discharge planning manual for Aboriginal communities. Projects investigating communication between hospitals and isolated Aboriginal clinics and patient follow-up may result in significant policy changes concerning these processes.
ISSN: 1326-0200
Type: Comparative Study
Journal Article
Subjects: Australia
Health Care Surveys
Medical Audit
Medically Underserved Area
Northern Territory
Community Health Centers
Hospitals, Urban
Interinstitutional Relations
Oceanic Ancestry Group
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