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Title: Aboriginal and non-aboriginal perinatal deaths in Darwin: a comparative view.
Authors: Matthias, G S
Morgan, G
Affiliation: Royal Darwin Hospital, NT..
Issue Date: 20-Apr-1992
Citation: The Medical journal of Australia 1992-04-20; 156(8): 533-7
Abstract: To compare perinatal deaths in Aborigines and non-Aborigines, and to identify the differences between the two groups in order to plan better prevention and bring about a reduction in perinatal deaths. A retrospective review of the records of 198 consecutive perinatal deaths (96 Aboriginal and 102 non-Aboriginal) in infants delivered in the maternity unit between 1984 and 1989. Royal Darwin Hospital Maternity Unit. Stillbirth rate, neonatal death rate, perinatal mortality rate; classifying perinatal deaths by cause and birthweight. The Aboriginal perinatal mortality rate was 40.9 per 1000, three times that of the non-Aboriginal rate (13.4 per 1000). The stillbirth rate in Aborigines was 18.7 per 1000, 2.5 times that in non-Aborigines (7.2 per 1000). The Aboriginal neonatal mortality rate was 22.5 per 1000, 3.5 times the non-Aboriginal rate (6.2 per 1000). There was no significant difference in the distribution of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal perinatal deaths when classified by cause, with the exception of pre-eclampsia. Aboriginal women appeared to be 2.5 times more likely than non-Aboriginal women (P = 0.002) to have pre-eclampsia causing perinatal death. Prematurity and the unexplained categories were the major causes of perinatal death in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal infants. The suboptimal perinatal outcome in Aborigines highlights the importance of antenatal care for Aboriginal mothers, and indirectly reflects the need for improving their standard of living.
ISSN: 0025-729X
Type: Comparative Study
Journal Article
Subjects: Birth Weight
Cause of Death
Infant, Newborn
Northern Territory
Retrospective Studies
Socioeconomic Factors
Fetal Death
Infant Mortality
Oceanic Ancestry Group
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