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Title: Gunshot suicide with nasal entry.
Authors: Lee, K A
Opeskin, K
Affiliation: Royal Darwin Hospital, Casuarina, Australia..
Issue Date: 21-Jan-1995
Citation: Forensic science international 1995-01-21; 71(1): 25-31
Abstract: A man with a long history of depression had recently borrowed a rifle. His body was found on its back in bed in his caravan. A rifle lay over the body with the muzzle pointing towards the head. A suicide note was found at the scene. Autopsy revealed entry via the nose with the track passing through the base of the skull to the right parietal region where the main bullet fragments were located beneath the scalp. The history, scene and autopsy findings were consistent with the gunshot wound being suicidal. We can find only one mention of a suicidal gunshot wound with nasal entry in the English-language literature, although a personal communication informed us of a similar case in the Republic of Ireland within the past two years. We report this case because of its unusual nature.
ISSN: 0379-0738
Type: Case Reports
Journal Article
Subjects: Adult
Brain Injuries
Cause of Death
Parietal Bone
Postmortem Changes
Skull Fractures
Wounds, Gunshot
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