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Title: A survey to gather sexually transmitted disease epidemiological and management data in the Solomon Islands.
Authors: Lucas, R E
Affiliation: Alice Springs Hospital, Australia..
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Citation: Tropical doctor 2000-04; 30(2): 97-9
Abstract: A survey of 15 clinics and hospitals in the Solomon Islands (a South Pacific nation with a 45% rate of penicillin-resistant gonorrhoea) was undertaken to audit the quality of sexually transmitted diseases data collection, adherence to public health fundamentals and knowledge of the national gonorrhoea management guidelines. With the exception of one town clinic, data collection was limited, syphilis serological testing was low (28%) and correct knowledge of the national gonorrhoea treatment guidelines was also limited to 4/8 clinics (50%). Contact tracing was definitely undertaken in 2/8 (25%) of clinics. A high male/female notification ratio (3.6:1) for gonorrhoea was detected. Solomon Island clinics may be typical of other South Pacific Island communities in their inadequate attention to public health fundamentals. Every effort should be made to identify these shortcomings and provide feedback to clinic health workers to improve this service, particularly in the context of the more recent arrival of the HIV epidemic in the region.
DOI: 10.1177/004947550003000214
ISSN: 0049-4755
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Contact Tracing
Data Collection
Guideline Adherence
Health Care Surveys
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice
Health Personnel
Medical Audit
Population Surveillance
Practice Guidelines as Topic
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Surveys and Questionnaires
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