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Title: Equity, by what measure?
Authors: Houston, Shane
Affiliation: Office of System Performance and Aboriginal Policy, Department of Health and Community Services, Northern Territory Government, Casuarina Northern Territory 0811.
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Citation: Health promotion journal of Australia : official journal of Australian Association of Health Promotion Professionals 2006-12; 17(3): 206-10
Abstract: Equity has in many instances been framed around the notion of fairness. But the metric used to determine what is fair leaves some people at a disadvantage because the things that they value are not always taken properly into account. If I value mangoes and you value oranges is a measure of fairness based on how many oranges I seek appropriate? If I am expected to give up my love of mangoes in order to get ahead is that fair? The debate about judging equity - about measuring fairness - needs to find the conceptual and methodological space to allow the voices and claims of the other to be heard.
ISSN: 1036-1073
Type: Historical Article
Journal Article
Subjects: Australia
Cultural Characteristics
History, 20th Century
Oceanic Ancestry Group
Social Justice
Social Values
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