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Title: Guidelines for the siting, design and management of solid waste disposal sites in the Northern Territory
Authors: Northern Territory. Territory Health Services.
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Territory Health Services.
Abstract: Waste generation has reached an unprecedented level across all sectors of the community with subsequent health, environmental and economic impacts that require management. The challenge for those responsible for solid waste management is to adopt an integrated approach which includes waste avoidance, recycling and minimisation. This approach encourages consideration of alternatives to landfill as the first priority in addition to proper investigation of disposal options. These guidelines present the Key Criteria for site selection and the design and management of disposal sites for solid, non hazardous wastes in the Northern Territory. However it is recognised that each community's needs and circumstances are unique and that the facility design and management will need to reflect these requirements. Therefore alternative management may be acceptable under these circumstances provided that the objectives of minimising health risks and environmental impacts are achieved.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Refuse and refuse disposal -- Northern Territory
Waste disposal in the ground -- Northern Territory
Waste disposal sites -- Northern Territory
Waste disposal
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