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Title: Potential pest and vector mosquito problems, proposed Second Cavalry Regiment site : Yarrawonga area, Darwin, N.T.
Authors: Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Branch.
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Medical Entomology Branch, N.T. Dept. of Health and Community Services
Abstract: The Department of Administrative Services plans to locate the Second Cavalry Regiment near Darwin. They have engaged Maunsell and Partners Pty. Ltd. to carry out an investigation of the proposed location in the Yarrawonga area. Preliminary discussions were held with the Medical Entomology Branch of the Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services in November, 1986. In December 1986, the branch submitted mosquito monitoring data from a single trap site near the southern end of the proposed area and indicated that there could be potential mosquito problems from various swamps around the proposed location. After a request by the consultants, the Branch undertook to carry out an intensive mosquito monitoring program around the location to more clearly define the potential problems. This report details the results of a twelve month mosquito monitoring program. The potential pest and mosquito-borne disease problems of this area are discussed and possible mosquito avoidance, rectification or control measures are outlined.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Mosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Yarrawonga
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