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Title: Nhulunbuy vector surveillance and control annual regional report 2004/05
Authors: Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Branch.
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Medical Entomology Branch, Centre for Disease Control, NT Department of Health and Community Services
Abstract: The Nhulunbuy Annual Regional Report 2004/05 is intended to present the data and discuss the results of the mosquito vector surveillance and control program carried out in the Nhulunbuy area during the financial year 2004/05. The MEB Annual Branch Report contains the remaining information and an overall picture of activities and results in all regions. The annual regional reports have been developed to provide people in the region with the detailed information from their local program in a condensed format. The regional reports are in the first instance forwarded to the local council and health department only. The regional reports of other regions are available upon request to MEB.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Mosquitoes as carriers of disease
Mosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Nhulunbuy
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