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Title: The Aboriginal public health strategy and implementation guide, 1997-2002
Authors: Northern Territory. Territory Health Services | Northern Territory. Public Health Strategy Unit.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Territory Health Services
Abstract: This Aboriginal Public Health Strategy provides Territory Health Services (THS) staff with a framework for planning and strengthening public health activities, programs and services. It guides the Department in working with the community, non~government agencies, local government councils and other government departments to: -support local health decisions and actions so that people can increase control over their lives; -build a skilled committed workforce to undertake public health activities; -organise to support and resource public health activities; -co,ordinate public health activities within the Department and across agencies; and -develop sound public health legislation, policies, standards and protocols to protect the health of the population and prevent disease, injury and premature death. The focus of the Strategy is the community and how THS staff can work with communities to identify and support their local requirements.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Aboriginal Australians -- Northern Territory -- Health and hygiene
Public health -- Northern Territory
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