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Title: Vector mosquito survey, Maningrida, April 1984
Authors: Northern Territory. Medical Entomology Branch.
Issue Date: 1984
Publisher: N.T. Dept. of Health, Medical Entomology Branch
Abstract: The Aboriginal Community of Maningrida is situated within the Arnhem Land reserve on the north coast of the Northern Territory approximately 370 kilometres east of Darwin. The community is sited at the mouth of the Liverpool River and is bounded by medium density forest. At the time of the survey the population of the community, including those people at the 25 outstations, was about 1000. Two officers from the Medical Entomology Branch visited the community during the period 3 - 6 April 1984 to conduct a vector mosquito survey. Although it is usual for surveys to include a container-breeding mosquito survey to check for the presence of Aedes aegypti, the recognised vector of dengue fever virus in Australia, no survey was conducted because it was expected this community would be surveyed for this species as part of the Commonwealth Department of Health funded Mosquito Eradication Campaign.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Mosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Maningrida
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