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Title: DHCS tobacco framework for action 2006-2009 : a life saving partnership
Authors: Northern Territory. Department of Health and Community Services. Alcohol and Other Drugs Program.
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Dept. of Health and Community Services
Abstract: The aim of this framework is to improve the health of Northern Territorians by reducing the harm caused by chewing and smoking tobacco especially among the priority groups, young Territorians and Indigenous Territorians. In the Northern Territory, tobacco smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death and disease. Tobacco smoking is the single biggest cause of premature death and disability in Australia and directly results in the premature death of one in five Territorians. Tobacco use has been estimated to cost Australia $21 billion a year in health care, lost productivity, life and other social costs. Every 30 minutes, another Australian dies from tobacco smoking. Smoking, more than any other identifiable factor, contributes to the gap in healthy life expectancy between those most advantaged and those most in need. An estimated 50,000 Territorians over the age of 14 continue to smoke daily.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Smoking -- Health aspects -- Northern Territory
Smoking cessation -- Northern Territory
Tobacco use -- Health aspects -- Northern Territory
Cigarette smokers -- Rehabilitation -- Northern Territory
Cigarette smokers -- Services for -- Northern Territory
Nicotine addiction -- Treatment -- Northern Territory
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