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Title: Task Force report on the career structure for nurses in the Northern Territory
Authors: Northern Territory. Task Force on the Career Structure for Nurses. Northern Territory. Dept. of Health
Issue Date: 1986
Publisher: Dept. of Health
Abstract: In October 1985, the Minister for Health announced the establishment of a Task Force "to develop an appropriate nursing career structure in the public sector, in consultation with nurses in the Northern Territory". Terms of reference were drawn up in consultation with the Royal Australian Nursing Federation and officers of the Department of Health, and endorsed by the Minister. The Task Force was asked to report back to the Minister for Health by January 31, 1986 with an acceptable framework for the development of a Nursing Career Structure. A final report was expected by 30 April, 1986 which would identify the appropriate positions for reclassification and the training aspects with reference to future requirements, particularly in the specialist areas.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Nurses -- Northern Territory
Nursing -- Northern Territory
Career development -- Northern Territory
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