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Title: Interim control measures for biting insects at Palmerston
Authors: Northern Territory. Dept. of Health
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: Dept. of Health
Abstract: The results of collections thus far during the monitoring of biting insects at Palmerston have shown that, whilst the Culicidae (mosquitoes) may be a significant localized problem in some residential areas, the Ceratopogonidae (biting midges) are the most important nuisance pest group. Data from 1981/82 collected by the Medical Entomology Section suggest that the problems of mosquitoes are much higher than are apparent in this much reduced wet season. Among the biting midges two species groups dominate collections, Culicoides ornatus and C. marmoratus. Of these C. ornatus is the major pest species and a resume of its biology is presented in Appendix 1.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Ceratopogonidae -- Northern Territory -- Palmerston
Sand flies -- Northern Territory -- Palmerston
Mosquitoes -- Northern Territory -- Palmerston
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