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Title: Smoking in the workplace : a health & safety issue
Authors: Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services
Issue Date: Oct-1992
Publisher: Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services
Abstract: A non-smoking working environment was initiated following advice from the Office of the Public Service Board, Canberra in 1984. A draft 'Smoking in the Workplace Policy' was issued in 1985 to all Northern Territory Public Service Departments by the Public Service Commissioner prescribing minimum requirements for departments to limit smoking in office areas. The former Department of Community Development and Department of Health commenced discussions on a local policy. The first policy was introduced by the Department of Health in April, 1986. This was not effectively implemented and an amended policy was introduced on 31 August 1987. During 1989 policies within central and regional offices were at various stages of implementation. On 31 May 1990 a policy statement was issued by the Minister for Health and Community Services declaring a smoke free work environment within all buildings, offices and vehicles within the Department of Health and Community Services.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Smoking
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