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Title: DSpace email wordings
Authors: The DSpace Team
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2012
Description: Wording of automatic emails sent by DSpace to users.
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File Description SizeFormat 
dspace_change_passwordWording of change password email425 BTextView/Open
dspace_feedbackWording of feedback email583 BTextView/Open
dspace_flowtask_notifyWording of flowtask notify email422 BTextView/Open
dspace_harvesting_errorWording of harvesting error email436 BTextView/Open
dspace_registerWording of register email443 BTextView/Open
dspace_registration_notifyWording of registration notify email468 BTextView/Open
dspace_submit_archiveWording of submit archive email386 BTextView/Open
dspace_submit_rejectWording of submit reject email429 BTextView/Open
dspace_submit_taskWording of submit task email384 BTextView/Open
dspace_subscriptionWording of subscription email343 BTextView/Open
dspace_suggestWording of suggest email806 BTextView/Open

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