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Title: Viruses, bacteria and parasites : health worker post basic health course
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Health Education Branch, Dept. of Health
Abstract: The information in this Study Book covers Unit 2.4 of the Post Basic Aboriginal Health Worker Training Programme. In it we talk about viruses, bacteria and parasites. What are they? How do they cause sickness in humans? How does sickness spread from one person to another? Can we help people not to get these sicknesses? The notes about each of the most common sicknesses explain about the signs and symptoms of the sickness and about the treatment for it. Health Workers do not need to remember all the details in this book. Rather,it can be a book used to look up information when someone in your local community has a certain sickness. If many people suffer from the same sickness it is an epidemic and then all Health Clinic staff are kept very busy.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Bacteria
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