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Title: Working towards partnerships in health : proceedings of the 1996 Northern Territory Very Very Very Remote Allied Health Professionals 5th Workshop, April 16-18, 1996, Nhulumbuy [i.e. Nhulunbuy], East Arnhem, NT Australia.
Authors: Northern Territory Very Very Very Remote Allied Health Professionals Workshop (5th : 1996 : Nhulunbuy, N.T.).
Issue Date: 1996
Abstract: Allied Health Professionals providing a service to remote Aboriginal communities, mainly in NT and the Kimberley of WA, held our 5th annual workshop. The 3 day long workshop in East Arnhem was attended by around 15 core participants as well as invited guest speakers. Michael Bishop, national convenor of SARRAH, facilitated the highly participatory workshop. The theme of the workshop was "Working Towards Partnerships in Health" with Aboriginal people. To work appropriately and effectively with Aboriginal communities, a good relationship between the non-Aboriginal Health Professional and the community, including with specific community members such as Aboriginal Health Workers, is crucial. The guest speakers' presentations have reflected this. Their time and effort in attending and presenting were much appreciated, and for many of us the highlights of the workshop.
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Type: Report
Subjects: Rural health services -- Australia -- Congresses
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