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Title: Female genital mutilation resource manual for health professionals
Authors: Department of Health
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Women's Health Strategy Unit, Dept. of Health
Abstract: This Resource Manual is based on a manual developed by the Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne. It contains a range of information and resources on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The manual has been developed for use by all health-related professionals at the Royal Darwin Hospital and has been compiled to fulfil the following objectives: to increase understanding of the historical and cultural significance of fgm and its prevalence worldwide; to resource and support staff at the Royal Darwin Hospital in developing the skills necessary for delivery of appropriate care to women affected by FGM; to optimise service delivery within the Royal Darwin Hospital by defining and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of key workers including the fgm liaison officers to prevent the occurrence of FGM in Australia and its States/Territories through an emphasis on community information and support; to promote streamlined service pathways for the pre and post-natal care of women affected by FGM.
Type: Manual
Subjects: Genital mutilation
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