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Title: The Darwin aerial salt marsh mosquito surveillance and control season 2016/17 and future implications
Authors: Nina Kurucz
Allan Warchot
Department of Health
Issue Date: 11-Mar-2017
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DoH
Series/Report no.: The Northern Territory Disease Control Bulletin;Vol. 24, No. 1
Abstract: During the 2016/17 Darwin aerial salt marsh mosquito control season, high numbers of Aedes vigilax occurred in October and November despite successful mosquito control in the Shoal Bay Swamp located west of the Shoal Bay Receiving Station. Preliminary investigations have indicated that the high numbers were due to extensive breeding in the uncontrolled swamps associated with Kings Creek to the east of the Receiving Station, with mosquito dispersal occurring from these areas into the northern Darwin suburbs, Palmerston and other areas. To reduce the impact of Ae. vigilax and potential disease risks on residents, a comprehensive investigation of Ae. vigilax breeding in the Kings Creek swamps would be required with the aim to establish a comprehensive aerial mosquito control program.
ISSN: 1440-883X
Type: Journal Article
Subjects: Australia
Northern Territory
disease vectors
vector control
public health
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