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Title: Cancer incidence and mortality, Northern Territory 1991-2001
Authors: Zhao, Yuejen
Condon, John
Garling, Lindy
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Northern Territory Cancer Registry, Health Gains Planning, DHCS
Citation: Zhao Y, Condon JR, Garling LS, Cancer incidence and mortality, Northern Territory 1991-2001. NT Cancer Registry, Department of Health and Community Services, Darwin, 2004.
Abstract: This report presents summary statistics on cancer incidence and mortality for the population of the Northern Territory (NT) for the period 1991−2001. Incidence and mortality statistics are presented separately for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people because cancer incidence and mortality rates are very different for Indigenous compared with other Australians. Total Australian incidence and mortality rates for the period 1995−2000 are included for comparison. Incidence statistics include all cases of cancer diagnosed in residents of the NT, and notified to the Northern Territory Cancer Registry (NTCR), including cases diagnosed interstate which are notified to the NTCR by interstate cancer registries. Mortality statistics include all deaths of NT residents (in the NT or interstate) who died with cancer recorded as the underlying cause of death.
ISBN: 0975065122
Type: Report
Subjects: Mortality
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