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Title: Northern Territory Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy
Authors: Northern Territory Department of Health
Issue Date: Oct-2016
Publisher: Department of Health
Citation: Northern Territory Department of Health 2016, NT Health Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy, Darwin.
Series/Report no.: N/A;
Abstract: The Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy aims to strengthen Aboriginal Territorians’ access to and benefits of health services by ensuring that the health system recognises the centrality of culture in delivering successful health outcomes.
Description: The Aboriginal Cultural Security Policy outlines the commitment of NT Health to the development and provision of health services that sensitively recognise and support Aboriginal cultural rights, views and values. The policy outlines six priority areas of: workforce; communication; whole of organisation approach; leadership; consumer and community participation; quality improvement, planning, research and evaluation.
Type: Policy
Subjects: Aboriginal
Aboriginal health
Torres Strait Islander
Cultural security policy
Cultural responsiveness policy
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