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Title: Biting insect assessment, Andranangoo Creek West & Lethbridge Bay West mining prospects, Tiwi Islands, 29 September - 1 October 2005
Authors: Warchot, Allan
Whelan, Peter I
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: Medical Entomology, DHCS
Abstract: Matilda Minerals Limited (Matilda) proposes to develop sand mining operations at Andranangoo Creek West (Andranangoo) and Lethbridge Bay West (Lethbridge), Melville Island, Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory. The proposed operation will extract high grade heavy minerals (HM), specifically zircon and rutile, for export to China. It is estimated that a total of 99,000 t of zircon and rutile will be exported during the anticipated sand mining operation over three and half years. A proposal to mine both sites was submitted to the NT Government in the form of a Notive of Intent Document (URS, 2005). The NT Government determined the project is to undergo formal environmental assessment in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS). Part of the EIS process is to conduct a biting insect assessment of the general project areas to determine any public health risks to workers and the potential for mining activities to alter the natural environment and create further biting insect breeding sites. The Medical Entomology Branch was commissioned by URS Australia on behalf of Matilda Minerals to undertake a biting insect assessment at both proposed sandmining sites.
Type: Technical Report
Subjects: Insects
Melville Island
Endemic polyarthritis
Ross River virus infections
Vector control
Disease vectors
Prevention and control
Public awareness
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