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Title: Increased surveillance of exotic mosquitoes in Darwin after Bali terrorist attack 12 Oct 2002
Authors: Lamche, Gisela
Issue Date: Jun-2003
Publisher: Mosquito Control Association of Australia Inc.
Series/Report no.: Bulletin of the Mosquito Control Association of Australia Inc.
Vol. 15, No.2
Abstract: The terrorist attack in Bali on 12th Oct. 2002 lead to the evacuation of Australian citizens via RAAF Hercules aircraft into Darwin between 13th and 16th Oct. 2002. Routine disinsection quarantine procedures such as knock down spraying of arriving aircraft against exotic mosquitoes could not be practised because of the burn wounds of the victims transported. Due to the risk of importation of adult exotic mosquitoes, the Medical Entomology Branch (MEB) and the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) implemented increased surveillance measures using adult traps and ovitraps from 15th to 23rd Oct 2002.
ISSN: 1440-4990
Type: Bulletin
Subjects: Southeast Asia
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