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Title: Demographic data quality assessment for Northern Territory public hospitals, 2011
Other Titles: Demographic data quality assessment for NT public hospitals, 2011
Authors: Foley, Margaret
Zhao, Yuejen
Condon, John
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Health Gains Planning, Dept. of Health
Citation: Foley M, Zhao Y, Condon J. Demographic Data Quality Assessment for Northern Territory Public Hospitals. 2011. Department of Health, Darwin, 2012
Abstract: This data quality survey is the third project conducted by the Northern Territory (NT) Department of Health over a 13 year period to measure the accuracy of demographic information collected by NT public hospitals about hospital inpatients. The NT component of the survey was conducted by the Health Gains Planning (HGP) Branch of the NT Department of Health. HGP Branch staff interviewed 892 inpatients of the five NT public hospitals during their hospital admission. Patients were asked about their age, sex, Indigenous status, country of birth, and place of residence. In addition, the NT survey included questions about the patient’s place of residence one year and five years ago. The survey results were compared with information recorded in the NT hospital information system, which is shared by all NT public hospitals.
ISBN: 9780980423532
Type: Technical Report
Subjects: Demography
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