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Title: Drainage considerations for mosquito control
Authors: Whelan, Peter I
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Mosquito Control Association of Australia
Series/Report no.: Australian Mosquito Control Manual
Abstract: Drains are generally constructed structures to convey stormwater, waste water, or other sources of water by a flow path or formal channel from a catchment or source to a discharge point. Drains can be part of an organised drainage system or a specific measure to drain depressions or temporary flooded areas. Generally drains in small catchments in undeveloped areas only convey water during or for a few hours after rain, and if they have adequate slope, dry up soon after the rain ceases. However drains with larger catchments or from perennial or artificial sources of water, contain water for relatively long periods and can be significant sources of mosquitoes.
ISBN: 0646353101
Type: Book
Subjects: Insects
Vector control
Prevention and control
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