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Title: The health and wellbeing of Northern Territory women: from the desert to the sea 2005
Authors: Jones, Catherine
Zhang, Xiaohua
Dempsey, Karen
Schwarz, Naomi
Guthridge, Steve
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: Health Gains Planning, DHCS
Citation: Jones C, Zhang X, Dempsey K, Schwarz N and Guthridge S. The health and wellbeing of Northern Territory women: from the desert to the sea. Department of Health and Community Services, Darwin, 2005.
Abstract: This report attempts to provide policy makers, researchers, health professionals and others, from a broad range of backgrounds, with a basis from which to better understand the issues confronting women’s health and wellbeing in the NT. The report has been developed based on the best available information, and the data presented are believed to be the most complete and up to date available. While not definitive, this report provides a comprehensive and reliable picture of the health and wellbeing of NT women. It covers the population characteristics of NT women, the social environment in which they live, their pregnancy and childbirth experiences, information on health and health behaviour and available health services.
ISBN: 09757203330
Type: Book
Subjects: Women's health
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