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Title: Health Record Guidelines
Other Titles: Health Record Guidelines PHC Remote
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: Department of Health
Abstract: The key purpose of these documents is to provide guidance on the management of electronic health records for Primary Health Care remote clinicians to guide practice.
Description: The Health Records section includes: Electronic Health Records; Overview PHC Remote Guideline; Electronic Health Records User ; Access PHC Remote Guideline; Health Records Documentation PHC; Remote Guideline; Privacy of Health Information Overview PHC; Remote Guideline; Request for Access to Health Information and Records PHC Remote Guideline; Requests for Health Records PHC; Remote Flowchart.
Type: Guideline
Subjects: Security; Outage; Medical Records; Health Records; My eHealth; My Health; NT Clinical Portal; NTCP; PCIS; Primary Care Information System; EACS; East Arnhem Communicare System; Training; Resources; User Access; Confidentiality; Privacy; Mass Print Client Summary; Data Management; Data Correction; Electronic Health Records; EHR;
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