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Title: NT review of medical education and training: final report
Authors: Smith, Janie Dade
Wolfe, Christina
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2007
Publisher: Rural health Education Development (RhED) Consulting
Abstract: The terms of reference of the review were to: 1. Map current education and training providers and activities available to, and provided for, the medical workforce across the NT. 2. Provide an analysis of the efficiency, effectiveness and appropriateness of current education and training programs and activities in meeting student and community needs including identification of what is working well and where there is duplication and/or gaps. 3. Recommend options for a more cohesive and coordinated approach to the provision of medical education and training across the whole of the NT including (a) identification of key roles and responsibilities of government, training providers, professional associations and non-government employers and (b) development of clearer pathways between hospital and community training institutions.
Type: Technical Report
Subjects: Medical education
Training services
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