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Title: Population estimates for indigenous health zones in the Northern Territory
Authors: Zhao, Yuejen
Paice, John
Murtagh, David
Lee, Hock
Guthridge, Steve
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: DHCS
Citation: Zhao Y, Paice J, Muttagh D, Lee H, and Guthridge S. Population estimates for indigenous health zones in the Northern Territory. Department of Health and Community Services, Northern Territory, 2007.
Abstract: This report records the results of an NT Department of Health and Community Services project, supported by ABS, which updates and enhances existing population estimates for Health Zones. The methodology utilised in this project has been developed in consultations with representatives from NT Aboriginal Health Forum partners, however at the stage of printing, the methods and population estimates in this project have not been formally approved for use by the NT Aboriginal Health Forum. The report is required in order to plan, administer and assess the health benefits of the Primary Health Care Access Program, a joint Commonwealth and NT Government scheme to facilitate NT Aboriginal people's access to appropriate primary health care services.
ISBN: 097506519X
Type: Technical Report
Subjects: Aboriginal people
Primary health care
Regional areas
Health care systems
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