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Title: Review of the Patient Assistance Travel Scheme
Authors: Department of Health
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Publisher: Department of Health
Abstract: The Northern Territory Patient Assistance Travel Scheme (PATS) promotes equity of sccess to specialist services for permanent residents of the Northern Territory. The scheme provides a financial subsidy to cover a portion of the ‘out of pocket’ expenses incurred when residents need to travel long distances to access specialist services; however the scheme cannot address all circumstances or situations and is not intended to fully fund travel. The specific objectives of the review were to: 1. Compare the level of PATS subsidy to programs nationwide. 2. Investigate and recommend priority increased eligibility and/or entitlements which can be delivered within the additional available budget. 3. Investigate and recommend options for reducing costs, including equity testing. 4. Review the current PATS guidelines in comparison to other jurisdictions and make recommendations that would bring the Northern Territory PATS into line with the majority of the jurisdictions. 5. Identify efficiencies in the administration of PATS, including client feedback on the streamlining of administration.
Type: Guideline
Subjects: Access
Social support
Financial assistance
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