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Title: Jabiru exotic mosquito survey March 2017
Authors: Warchot, Allan
Kurucz, Nina
Department of Health
Medical Entomology DoH
Issue Date: May-2017
Publisher: Department of Health
Abstract: Medical Entomology of the NT Department of Health carries out annual wet season exotic mosquito container breeding surveys of residential and commercial areas in Jabiru, along with setting CO2 baited BG sentinel traps. This report outlines the activities and results from the March 2017 survey, which included an initial survey on 1st & 2nd March, and a follow up survey on 9th & 10th March. The follow up survey was carried out to collect further larval specimens of two unidentifiable early 2nd instar receptacle breeding mosquitoes.
Type: Report
Subjects: Mosquitoes
Mosquito borne disease
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