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Title: Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services Alcohol and Other Drug Program: Profile of Services and Interventions Project final report
Authors: Healthcare Management Advisors
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2005
Publisher: Healthcare Management Advisors, Adelaide
Abstract: The Alcohol and Other Drugs Program (AODP) has a key focus on the development, delivery and contracting of alcohol and other drug interventions and programs to help people with substance misuse problems. $8.5 million is invested each year to provide these services, most of which are delivered through a range of non government agencies across the Northern Territory. In January 2005, the AODP commissioned Health Management Advisors to conduct a review of services and interventions. The objectives of this review were to analyse current treatment services, as a whole and within each region, to determine the degree to which current arrangements meet regional needs. Additionally the consultants would review each service and make recommendations about meeting best practice where applicable.
Type: Technical Report
Subjects: Program evaluation
Treatment outcomes
Health care systems
Quality of service
Service providers
Best practice
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