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Title: Cancer in the Northern Territory 1991 - 2010 : Incidence, mortality and survival
Authors: Zhang, Xiaohua
Dempsey, Karen
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: Department of Health, Northern Territory
Citation: Zhang X, Condon J, Dempsey K, Garling L. Cancer in the Northern Territory 1991–2010: incidence, mortality and survival. Department of Health, Darwin, 2014
Series/Report no.: Cancer series number 13;
Abstract: The Northern Territory Cancer Registry (NTCR) collects data about NT residents who are either diagnosed with cancer or die from cancer. The NTCR analyses and reports the data on cancer epidemiology to provide information for health service planning and delivery and to inform the general public. This report presents summary statistics and trends among NT residents diagnosed with cancer or died due to a cancer-related cause during the various reporting periods. Summary statistics are shown for all new cases of cancer diagnosed during the most recent 10-year period 2001–2010 and all cancer deaths that occurred during the 6-year period 2001–2006. Trends in cancer incidence, mortality and survival are presented for the entire duration of available data; 20 years for incidence and survival trends (1991–2010) and 16 years for mortality trends (1991–2006).
Description: The report provides statistics on all cancers and each cancer site or site group for the entire NT population; for males and females; and for Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations. Equivalent summary statistics for the total Australian population are included for comparison. To allow comparison within the NT population and with the wider Australian population, the incidence and mortality rates are age-adjusted because the age distribution of the NT population is much younger than the total Australian population. Statistical modelling analysis is used to investigate trends of cancer incidence and mortality over time.
ISBN: 978-0-9750651-6-7
Type: Report
Subjects: Cancer
Aboriginal people
NT Cancer Registry
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