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Title: Nhulunbuy exotic vector survey report – multiple surveys 2014 to 2019
Authors: Medical Entomology, Centre for Disease Control
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Top End Health Service, Northern Territory
Abstract: Nhulunbuy is a risk location for the establishment of Aedes aegypti (dengue mosquito) and Aedes albopictus (Asian tiger mosquito) due to its tropical climate and the periodic arrivals of shipping vessels that deliver cargo from Asia to the wharf facilities at Gove. In recent years all cargo of international origin has been cleared in Darwin before being shipped to Nhulunbuy. Another introduction pathway for exotic mosquito species is through the relocation of families to Nhulunbuy from locations in northern Queensland where Ae. aegypti is present. The eggs of this species are desiccation resistant and can survive more than 6 months stuck to the interior surfaces of items such as pot plant drip trays, buckets, tyres and animal water bowls/baths that have previously held water. They readily hatch once they have become submerged in water. All four surveys that are summarised in this report were timed to coincide with the mid to late wet season in East Arnhemland so that appreciable numbers of receptacles would be holding water and receptacle breeding mosquito species were more likely to be detectable as both larvae and adults.
Type: Report
Subjects: Dengue mosquito
Public Health
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