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Title: BreastscreenNT: 10 years, a decade of achievement 1994-2004
Authors: O'Rourke, Kerryn
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: DHCS
Abstract: This report tells the story of the 10-year service history of BreastScreenNT – the early days, achievements and challenges along the way and where the program is now. It includes facts and figures about the NT population, women’s participation in screening and program outcomes. It tells women’s personal stories about being screened and recalled for assessment, about being diagnosed with breast cancer and about working in the program or in association with it over those 10 years. BreastScreenNT provides a free breast screening service to asymptomatic women at five sites throughout the NT, and screens more than 4000 women each year. Service is provided from first mammogram to the point of breast cancer diagnosis and referral for treatment.
ISBN: 0646459449
Type: Book
Subjects: Mammography
Breast cancer
Breast self examination
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