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Title: NT Health Nutrition and Physical Activity Strategy 2015 - 2020
Authors: Department of Health
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Deparment of Health
Description: This strategy is intended for staff within NT Health who are in a position to influence the determinants of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. It provides an overview of the key health issues associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity throughout the life course, brings together the available evidence of interventions that have been effective in addressing them, and suggests a range of strategic actions relevant to the NT context. In practice, this strategy can be used as a guide and practical tool for planning and evaluation across the spectrum of programs that have a remit in nutrition and physical activity. It complements the Northern Territory Chronic Conditions Prevention and Management Strategy 2010−2020¹ and supports its implementation.
Type: Working Paper
Subjects: Healthy diet
Healthy weigh
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