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Title: The Impact of &quotScary&quot TV and Film on Children's Internalizing Emotions: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Laura J. Pearce, Andy P. Field
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Human Communication Research, article first published online: 13 May 2015
Abstract: A meta-analysis quantifies the impact of scary television and film on children's internalizing emotions (fear, anxiety, sadness, and sleep problems). Scary television has a relatively small impact on children's internalizing emotions (r?=?.18) overall, and this association was not significantly moderated by whether the televised material was factual (e.g., news) or fictional or contained violence. Children under 10 were more susceptible to scary TV. The overall result contrasts with the dramatic effects found for individual children within studies, suggesting that research is needed to unpick the factors that moderate the effect that scary television has on children.
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