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Title: Applying a performance monitoring framework to increase reach and adoption of childrens healthy eating and physical activity programs
Authors: Louise Farrell, Beverley Lloyd, Rhonda Matthews et al.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Public Health Research &amp Practice, November 2014
Abstract: The allocation of a significant amount of new funding for health promotion in Australia through the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (200914) created a unique opportunity to implement a comprehensive approach to the prevention of chronic diseases and demonstrate significant health improvements. Building on existing health promotion infrastructure in Local Health Districts, the NSW Ministry of Health adopted a scaled-up state-wide capacity-building model, designed to alter policies and practices in key childrens settings to increase healthy eating and physical activity among children. NSW also introduced a performance monitoring framework to track implementation and impacts. This paper describes the model that NSW developed for monitoring state-wide programs in the Childrens Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Program and presents the models application to early childhood education and care and primary school settings, including current results.
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