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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Refreshing the Alligator River Uranium Field exploration toolkit - Angularli and Such WowSinclair, P
2019The discovery and mining of the ultra-high-grade Edna Beryl Gold Mine - the trials and tribulationsBills, R; Cuison, AL; Russell, S
2019Integration of reprocessing, depth imaging and interpretation in legacy data to provide new insights into salt tectonics and sub salt imaging in the Amadeus Basin, NTDaws, J; Nycz, J; Staples, G
2019New insights into the Neoproterozoic to early Palaeozoic stratigraphy, structure and palaeogeography of the Amadeus Basin, Northern TerritoryNormington, VJ; Edgoose, CJ; Donnellan, N; Weisheit, A; Verdel, C
2019Mapping under cover with geochemistryBriggs, M; Davis, J; Neil, J; Bowlt, L
2019The greenfield Grapple and Bumblebee discoveries of the western Aileron Province: First constraints on sulfide mineralising processesMcGloin, MV; Reno, BL; Kositcin, N; Cornwell, S; Winzar, D; Beyer, EE; Huston, D; Champion, DC; Crawford, A
2019Application of electrical geophysics to exploration at the Lake Mackay ProjectWhitford, M
2019New geophysical and remote sensed data in the Northern TerritoryDhu, T
2019A multidisciplinary evaluation of the Velkerri Formation in the Beetaloo Sub-basin: Implications for geological history and reservoir qualityDelle Piane, C; Uysal, IT; Pan, Z; Bourdet, J; Zhongsheng, L; Raven, MD; Dewhurst, DN
2019Source rock geochemistry and petroleum systems of the greater McArthur Basin and links to other northern Australian Proterozoic basinsJarrett, A; MacFarlane, S; Palu, T; Boreham, C; Hall, L; Edwards, D; Cox, G; Munson, TJ; Brocks, J; Carr, L; Henson, P
2019Exploring for the Future: South Nicholson Basin region project outcomes and sequence stratigraphyCarr, L; Southby, C; Henson, P; Carson, C; Anderson, J; MacFarlane, S; Jarrett, A; Fomin, T; Costelleo, R
2019An integrated study of the McArthur River mineral system: From geochemistry, geophysics and sequence stratigraphy to basin-scale models of fluid flowSheldon, HA; Schaubs, PM; Blaikie, TN; Kunzmann, M; Schmid, S; Spinks, S
2019The ca 1640 Ma Barney Creek Formation in the McArthur Basin: Targeting diagenetic mineralisation and depocentre shiftKunzmann, M; Blaikie, TN
2019From source to trap. Geophysical insights into base metals mineralisation in the southern McArthur BasinBlaikie, TN; Kunzmann, M
2019Wollogorang Project: Review of 2018 exploration programFerris, G; Schwarz, M
2019Ultra-high resolution trace element mapping provides new clues on the origin of the McArthur River (HYC) sediment-hosted Zn-Pb-Ag depositSpinks, S; Pearce, M; Ryan, C; Moorhead, G; Kirkham, R; Sheldon, H; Kunzmann, M; Liu, W; Blaikie, TN; Schaubs, P; Rickard, WDA
2019Life and times of the Proterozoic McArthur-Yanliao Gulf: Update on the ARC-Industry-NTGS Linkage ProjectCollins, AS; Farkas, J; Glorie, S; Blades, ML; Cox, GM; Foden, JD; Hall, T; Payne, JL; Yang, B; Nixon, A; Cassidy, E; Subarkah, D; Shannon, A; Higgie, D; Toledo, G; Dosseto, A; Kirscher, U; Edgoose, C; Close, DF; Munson, TJ; Menpes, S; Spagnuolo, S; Baruch-Jurado, E; Warburton, J; Hokin, G
2019Detrital zircon geochronology investigations of the Glyde and Favenc packages: Implications for the geological framework of the greater McArthur Basin, Northern TerritoryMunson, TJ
2019Update on the Finniss Lithium ProjectRawlings, D
2019AusAEM_1: One step towards a national conductivity map of AustraliaLey-Cooper, AY; Brodie, RC
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 438